Life Cycle Management

Taking care of your systems end to end

We focus on your systems so you can focus on business

From Start to Finish

Every step of the way we help you manage your entire system.

New Systems

We can help you get the systems you need to empower your business.

System Management

Manage your systems after deployment. Keeping up with software security updates, bug fixes and firmware updates.


Monitoring firewalls, IPS and preforming regular scans for infections. Making sure backups are done, usable and ready should disaster strike.

User Management

Adding and removing users as your business grows is covered. Mailbox setup and access to shares are just a request away.

Remote Help & Support

As issues come up we are close by with remote support. If the need arises, we come to you, addressing the issue directly.

Wifi Management

We keep eyes on the WiFi system making sure there is always speedy and secure connectivity keeping all your things connected.

Growth Management

We work with you to plan the needs of your growing business. From business relocation, expansion and merging, we make it happen smoothly.

System Renewal

Weather you lease systems or own them we help you plan the renewal of hardware and software running your business.

System Re-Purpose

System renewal can help increase the coverage of the system by repositioning older components or systems that have been outgrown.

e-Waste Management

We handle the proper disposal of systems that have reached the end of usefulness.

Secure Wipe

We make sure that all data containing devices, systems and appliances are wiped of of any potentially sensitive information.

Data Destruction Management

Physical destruction of data containing devices, systems and appliances are carried out before systems are disposed of.