WiFi & Network Support

Keep Everything Connected & Communicating

Connected to the internet, data and  your customers

How We Support You

The 3 ways we deliver services, keeping your operation running smoothly.

Remote Support

Remote support is just a few clicks or a phone call away. We use secure, award winning remote tools to quickly and efficiently address issues. Contact us to schedule a session.

On-Site Support

We understand there is nothing like being there, and sometimes it's the only way to address an issue. Contact us to schedule an on-site visit

Co-Managed IT

Already have an I.T dept? Need extra I.T. hands or help figuring out the company project? We are here to lend a helping hand, from business relocation to project coordination.

WiFi Support

Wireless access points, wireless back-hauls and cellular fail over systems are the information highways of business.

WiFi Support

How critical is wireless connectivity to your operation? Fast, secure and scaleable wireless is our specialty. We have experience as a wireless ISP and can build wireless systems for an office, warehouse or multi-site campus. We work with Ubiquiti Unifi, Aruba, TPLink and many other major brands of wireless networking devices. One of our favorite industries we work with are the hospitality services (restaurants and hotels). We do all the networking in between the wireless access points too, like switches, routers and firewalls. Speedy, secure and reliable WiFi is just a click away.

Back Haul Support

Wireless back haul systems bridge the link between buildings and short distances when running cable is not an option. Need to connect nearby buildings with a few users and systems together without the expense and complexity of multiple internet bills? Back hauls eliminate added expenses of duplicating networking gear and configurations. Bridge the gap between your businesses and simplify while saving money. Contact us to see if a wireless back haul right for you.

Cellular Fail Over Support

Is your business completely reliant on internet connectivity to operate? Keep connected to the internet when outages happen with a cellular fail over. We can test and tune your system to preform as good as primary internet options in some cases.

MDM Support

Do you have a mobile workforce? Mobile Device Management (MDM) puts you in control of information carried in the devices empowering your mobile workforce. Secure data and remote connectivity to the business. Company or personally owned devices can be secured and managed with ease. Get visibility and notifications to track time and position. Deploy Line of Business applications quickly. Need to locate a lost or stolen device? We help you address the needs and concerns of security and compliance for mobile devices.

Network Support

Networking connects you to data, services and to your customers. They are the lines of communication and nerve centers of business.

Structured Cabling Support

Is the business growing? We can add to the existing network. Is the current network cabling a mess? Cabling issues can cause loss of performance and service outages. Severe cable management issues left unchecked, can lead to data loss and even data breaches. Don’t let cabling issues hold you back. Take your network from yesterday to modern, reliable and organized today.

Firewall & VPN Support

Firewalls are literally the front line of security for your network, keeping the bad guys out and your data in. We work with many major brands including pFSense, Untangled, Ubiquiti, SonicWall, WatchGuard, Fortinet to name a few. Firewalls provide VPN connectivity for remote work forces, Intrusion Protection Services (IPS) for advanced threat detection and even antivirus\anti malware scanning of all traffic. Configuration can be complex, we are here to help with your firewall and VPN support.

Switch & Router Support

Switches and routers keep the data on the network moving. These devices are critical appliances that literally link all the things together. Proper configuration keeps data and services secure and organized. We can help bring order to your network systems with support for all your networking gear.

VOIP Support

Business phone systems have came along way. Voice Over IP phones have replaced traditional analog phones. From adding extensions and users to setting up voice mail, we can help you get the most from your phone system. We work with many major brands including FreePBX, Sangoma and Yealink, devices, Zoipier soft phones and SIP services from many providers.

Server Support

Servers are the tireless workhorses of the network, on-duty 24/7/365 days. Weather they are on premise or in the cloud, they run the services that keep everything moving along and take care of who gets what and where things are saved on the network. Things like Azure, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, file shares, SAMBA shares, print shares, backups, email and much, much more live in these critical systems. Take care of your servers, they often contain the business itself.

Print Server Support

Print server configuration is crucial for shared printer availability. Printers are often a critical link in business workflow. Proper installation, configuration and maintenance prevent issues and interruptions. Keep your printer servers and printers in top working order with support.