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Consulting Services

Don’t know where to start, get consulting. Have an idea? Projects bring your ideas to life.

Consulting Sessions

Don’t know where to start with technology? Overwhelmed by the choices and jargon of alphabet soup? Need a second opinion on a proposal from somewhere else? Just need to talk thru an idea for feasibility? Leverage our knowledge, answering your questions and get clarity on technology subjects. Contact us to schedule a session.

Project Consulting

Projects can be expensive, challenging and time consuming tasks. Upgrading old systems and software are complex processes. Migrating users and their data to new devices is demanding. Adding new systems require planning and specification. Need to expand the system or is the business expanding?  We can help with all of the above and more. Contact us to schedule consulting for your next project.

Solutions Consulting

As businesses grow, they frequently outgrow their systems. When upgrades and replacement systems are needed, it’s often a good time to introduce new tools, and unleash your current workflow. Also identifying areas of your environment to offload for management is what our MSP services are all about. We take care of your information systems, so you can focus on what is that your business does. Contact us and put your solutions together today.

Ransomware Consulting

Ransomware steals your data, time, money, productivity and peace of mind. Get back your stuff and get back to work. If your computer and files are locked with ransomware such as Babuk, Crypto, Locker, Hakbit and others, we can help. Contact us immediately and get your systems back now!

Microsoft Licensing Consulting

Microsoft licensing can be downright confusing. What you need vs. what you can do always seems to be at odds with each other. Per user or per device, CALs for this and that. We can help navigate the complexities of licensing and maybe even help you save some money too. Contact us and end licensing headaches today.

Security Consulting

Security is a broad subject. From physical security, like restricted access to servers and other sensitive parts of your business keeps damage and theft at bay. Virtual security keeps your data where it belongs and keeps information leaks and hacks out. Mitigate the ever looming threat of viruses, malware and ransomware with advanced systems. Backups are a staring place, and when combined with a disaster recovery plan your business can continue in the event of a natural disaster or worse. Get business continuity and peace of mind today for everything you have worked so hard for. 

Web Consulting

A presence on the web is vital in today’s marketplace. Show the world you are open for business. We can help with things like, hosting, branding, advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and real time communications for active engagement of site visitors. Need an e-Commerce storefront? We cover all the above and more. Contact us to discuss your web questions and needs today.

Project Services

Many ways we deliver the services you need

Remote Workforce Projects

Remote access for your workforce is at the forefront of continued productivity during uncertain times. Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is a robust way of proving access network resources. We specialize in remote access tools from Citrix like XenDesktop, XenApp, Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP), Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Microsoft App-V (virtual application delivery). Because we are a Linux based shop, we also support SSH, NoMachines, X2GO, VNC and other remote tools too.

WiFi Projects

Need help with your current wireless system or need to build-out a system for new facilities? We can help design a wireless systems for an office, warehouse or multi-site campus. We work with Ubiquiti Unifi, Aruba, TPLink and many other major brands of wifi devices. One of our favorite industries we work with are the hospitality services (restaurants and hotels). We do all the networking in between the wireless access points too, like switches, routers and firewalls. Speedy, secure and reliable WiFi is just a click away.

Hardware Purchases & Lease Refresh Projects

Keeping your fleet of laptops, desktops and other computer hardware up to date and under support is no problem. We can help with planning to replace or refresh your computers. Every step of the way, with review of new system requirements, ordering new systems, user data migration, deployment, secure wiping of old systems, data destruction and return of leased hardware or recycling for owned systems.

Server Projects

Servers are critical items in your system. We can help you with expanding, upgrading or replacing your servers. File servers, Active Directory servers, DNS, DHCP and more. We also specialize in web based application servers, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and SaaS and DaaS servers from Citrix with visualized application and desktop delivery. Need a dedicated print server, we got you covered here too.

Backup Projects

Don’t wait for a catastrophic disaster to strike you data. Get a backup system and peace of mind today. Single operator businesses to multi location businesses need backups. We specialize in systems like TrueNAS\FreeNAS, Synology and many other brands. We can also build custom solutions. 

Networking Projects

Add to the existing network or the need to build-out a new network for expansion? We got your network needs covered. We can also help with upgrading old appliances and adding services with new appliances. Get your network projects completed.

Firewall Projects

Firewalls are literally the front line of security for your network, keeping the bad guys out and your data in. We work with many major brands including pFSense, Untangled, Ubiquiti, SonicWall, WatchGuard, Fortinet to name a few. Firewalls provide VPN connectivity for remote work forces, Intrusion Protection Services (IPS) for advanced threat detection and even antivirus\anti malware scanning of all traffic. Configuration can be complex, we are here to help with your firewalls.

Software Projects

We can handle your software roll out and empower you with the latest tool and line of business applications. From upgrading operating systems, user migrations and platform integrations, we can get your project up on time and on budget. We work with many major titles including Microsoft Office 2016 & 2019, Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365), QuickBooks, Dentrix, Cirtix XenApp & XenDesktop, Calyex, CompassMax and many, many more titles. 

Web Development Projects

Need a web site for your business or change the existing one? How about adding e-Commerce to your existing website? Marketing and SEO? We know WordPress (PHP based), Python, Perl, Java and many other types of content management systems (CMS).

We also design, build and support web servers for hosting your website or web based applications like Confluance, Jira, MediaWiki (Wikipedia) with tools like Apache, NGINX and others. Make your web projects a reality.

Virtualization Projects

Control cost and limit server sprawl while getting the most from today’s robust server hardware. Build your own self-hosted business cloud to while meeting industry requirements & standards. We specialize in virtualization solutions including XCP-ng, Xen, VMware, Citrx XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V Server, KVM and more. We also handle the Remote Desktop (RDP), Remote Devlivery Services (RDS), App-V,  and the Citrix suite of virtual solutions including XenApp (SaaS), XenDesktop (DaaS) (VDI) NetScaler, Application Delivery Controllers (Citrix ADS). We bring your virtual projects into reality.