Advanced Support

Remote Access, Virtualization, Backups and More

Advanced systems take your business further

How We Support You

The 3 ways we deliver services, keeping your operation running smoothly.

Remote Support

Remote support is just a few clicks or a phone call away. We use secure, award winning remote tools to quickly and efficiently address issues. Contact us to schedule a session.

On-Site Support

We understand there is nothing like being there, and sometimes it's the only way to address an issue. Contact us to schedule an on-site visit

Co-Managed IT

Already have an I.T dept? Need extra I.T. hands or help figuring out the company project? We are here to lend a helping hand, from business relocation to project coordination.

Advanced Systems Support

Advanced systems take you further with cutting edge technology, supercharging your business systems.

Remote Access Support

Remote access for your workforce is at the forefront of continued productivity during uncertain times. We specialize in remote access tools from Citrix like XenDesktop, XenApp for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP), Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Microsoft App-V (virtual application delivery). Because we are a Linux based shop, we also support SSH, NoMachines, X2GO, VNC and other remote tools too. We can work with your current systems, or design a new one.

Virtualization Support

Computer virtualization technology is a critical component of you information systems and we specialize in it. We support XCP-ng, Xen, VMware, Citrx XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V Server, KVM and more. We also handle the Remote Desktop (RDP) and the Citrix suite of virtual solutions including XenApp (SaaS), XenDesktop (DaaS) (VDI) NetScaler, Application Delivery Controllers and even legacy Citrix products like MetaFrame and Windows NT Terminal Services. We work in existing systems or will build you a new one.

Backup Support

Backing up you business’s data is an ongoing, critical task to ensure business continuity, while protecting against corruption and loss. In the event of a hardware failure or other catastrophic event, recovering your data and systems from backup could mean the difference between survival or loss of the business. Have you tested recovery from your backups? Don’t find out after an event that the backups are no good. We work with many of the major backup systems, appliances and software titles. Products like Windows Storage Server, FreeNAS, TrueNAS, Synology are based on NTFS, BTRFS and the awesome ZFS storage systems. Does your system use backup software like Veeam or Acronis? Yep, we support those too.

Web Based Application Support

We design, build and support web servers for web based applications like Confluance, Jira, MediaWiki (Wikipedia) with tools like Apache, NGINX and others. Unleash your team and data with web based applications today.

Linux Based OS Support

Linux and FreeBSD based operating systems are stable, reliable and robust. We absolutely love Linux. In fact our entire business uses Linux based operating systems and applications. Get support for Ubuntu, Pop OS, Debian, CentOS, Rocky Linux along with FreeBSD and many other supported distros. 

Microsoft Azure Support

Microsoft Azure services are leading the way in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with Active Directory, cloud file storage and many other items. We can help with existing systems or migrate your existing systems to Azure and other providers.

Docker Support

Dockers are containerization of applications and services used by business systems today. They are essentially a next step in virtualization technology, providing additional scalability, easier management and virtually no down time even during update and other maintenance cycles. If you need business or client facing systems with 99.99 or more up time, Docker is the go to solution. Get help managing your existing containers or start a project with us to plan your Docker needs.

HPC Clusters Support

High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters have made their way to small businesses via cloud service providers and local or self-hosted systems. Get the help you need managing advanced compute workloads today. 

Data Recovery Support

Need to migrate data and users from an existing system to a new one? We can help with data recovery and migration support. Move data off a failed system, recover from hard drive crashes and clone your installation to an upgrade hard drive. Need backup support, contact us today