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 Starting a business is no small feat, get the most from technology and plan for success!

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6 Critical Questions for New Businesses



How will customers contact you? 



Where will the data for the business be stored? 



How will customers pay you and is it easy and secure?



What do I need to connect my business to the internet?



How do I secure my business systems?



Will things like email grow with you as the business grows?

Why Choose Us?

Starting a new business is challenging and laying the foundation is critical. Make every decision and dollar count while getting the technology your new business needs. We know, we built our business the same way. 

Free meaning, free, no strings attached consultation. Let’s discuss your new business and plan for success with technology. Even if you don’t go with us, take the info and run with it, it won’t hurt our feelings, promise.

Technology can be expensive but doesn’t have to be. We can work with almost any budget to get you more than you might think.

Solution Agnostic – Means we deliver the best solutions to you, because we are not locked-in to any vendor. Wherever the needs takes us is where we find the solution. No sales quotas means we avoid the “one size fits all” approach for finding your just right sized solution. 

Ready for business, industrial strength Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is the next wave in computing. We are built on FOSS and can help you cut thousands of dollars in software costs while still getting top-notch performance and supported software.

Know what you want and know how to manage it? We can build a system to your specification and hand you the keys, it’s really up to you.

Our team comes from Small Business and Enterprise I.T. We know how to get results with technology using hard-won successes in project management and commercial logistics. We have handled many expensive, one-of-a-kind items and time-sensitive public projects for large name-brands with consistent, repeatable results.

More than just information systems, technology services and products. We want to build a strategic relationship for success. We want to be your I.T. dept.

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