About Us

Welcome to Glover Technology Services

Established 2020 in Palm Bay, FL, we serve all of Brevard county, Central, FL and the US with remote support services.

Who Are We

We are a small company doing big things. Agnostic to brand, solution and device, we deliver the best of the best. Because we don’t have any resale contracts, we get out of the way so the job can go where ever it needs to go.

Our Mission

Simplifying technology by delivering the best service, solutions and products every time. From idea to reality, we empower you with process driven results. We want to be your I.T. team.

What We Do

Our Process



Working with you, we learn about what your needs are or the issues holding your workflow back.



Gather info and define the scope of needs or issues.  Additionally, gather understanding impact of the the need or the issue on the business environment.



Design the best solution to resolve the needs. Outline the associated details, estimate for task completion and then review with you.



Elaborate on the details of the solution. Adjust the necessary areas to customize the fit into your environment.



Organize and stage the solution for delivery. If necessary, schedule time with team members, vendors, and\or individuals to complete the tasks.



Results installed, needs met with completion of the task. Follow up and ongoing management if necessary.

Why Choose Us?

We are a small business like you. We understand that our value is the quality of our service and solutions. We understand that if we don’t do well for you, someone else will. We want to earn your business with every engagement and grow together with you.

We love new businesses and want to help them launch successfully. We work with your needs and budget to get you up and running. We know, we built our system the same way.

We get the best solution for you because we are not a reseller for anyone. Our pay is based on based our time and leverage of our knowledge, not reseller fees or vendor lock-ins. We work with traditional solutions and alternatives too. Everyone gets support.

We offer turn key solutions ready for business today. From invoicing systems, self-hosted cloud services, data analytics, project management suites and much, much more. We are bringing the future of technology to business today. 

Ready for business, industrial strength Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is the next wave in computing. We are built on FOSS and can help you cut thousands of dollars in software costs while still getting top-notch performance and supported software. 

Many technical issues can be resolved with remote support. Why pay for travel time to push a button? We think you deserve better. Faster fixes mean less down time and more productivity for you and us. It’s a win-win!

Simplify many critical line of business applications with web based solutions. Avoid the licensing fees of per device or per user along with the technical challenges of supporting multiple instances. Access critical business applications with any web based device securely from almost anywhere.

Pricing doesn’t have to be a mystery and simplification of prices helps you and us. Flat rate pricing for many common tasks. Projects are a combination of flat rate and time-billed. MSP services qualify for discount of hourly project rates and more. 

Our team comes from Small Business and Enterprise I.T. We know how to get results with technology using hard-won successes in project management and commercial logistics. We have handled many expensive one-of-a-kind items and time-sensitive public projects for large name-brands with consistent, repeatable results.

Our Numbers

Amazing results for amazing clients.

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Meet The Team

We work for you, we want to earn a place on your team!

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